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Comparative Religions

  Comparative Religions Comparative religions were shaped By a euro-centered culture This formed the basis Of what students know about world religions   Much of this trajectory was lit by missionaries. They came from Europe and traversed the globe. Many were religious as they encountered colonists. Their basic strands became the bedrock Of how they interpreted the various religious faiths - Like Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Daoism, Shintoism, and secular humanism   These interpreters ushered their thoughts about religion They revived an emphasis on Greek and Latin That led to the shape of comparative Christianity Becoming prominent in the Protestant Reformation Some European theologians became famous – Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Desiderius Erasmus   But the world of religion was born with the Peace of Westphalia And by the 17 th century there existed a noteworthy guide That included all the known religions of the world Fr

Creating Videos

  Creating Videos Some may want to make videos. What should you do? Do you have friends that could help? Making a video calls for some expertise. A lot of planning has to fall into place.   Whether you’re using a Sony, Canon, or Panasonic camera There are some considerations when doing videos Most of these video cameras have zoom lens So you could shoot Close up. Medium or Wide angle shots Practice zooming in and out to determine your best shot.   Another consideration is the lighting. Not having good lighting could make or break your video A good rule of thought is to have a key light, Side light and a back light You could use a light meter to measure The light falling on your subject to have the best effect   The setting and the costumes are important. Where do you intent to shoot your scene? Is it in a home where there’s a living room? Or, is it outside against a natural background of trees? Wherever you decide make sure the scene Is