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Equal Justice

  Equal Justice There’s a legal crisis concerning the poor And marginalized people in America Equal justice fighters are trying To stop the death penalty They are focused to do something About prison conditions And excessive punishment Meted out to those that is wrongly convicted   Equal justice proponents want to do away With unfair sentences in criminal cases And take steps against racial bias Children shouldn’t be tried as adults. They look out for the mentally ill That is floundering in prisons Poverty is dominating poor communities.   Justice equality means the criminal system Ought to be diversified in the process People should be educated about these issues The abusive power of the police Should be confronted across the nation Many poor people are put to death Because of a corrupt justice system “Loving Creator, help those in the justice system show compassion and mercy to the underprivileged.   Be with equal justice fighters who

Juneteenth Freedom Day

  Juneteenth Freedom Day Over 200 cities in 49 states And the District of Columbia recognize Juneteenth Either as a state or ceremonial holiday, or a day of observation And activists have succeede in pushing Congress To recognize June 19 th as a national holiday On June 19 th , 1865 General Robert Granger Issued a proclamation notifying black slaves That they were free in Texas   This “Juneteenth Jamboree” grew in stature And in many states it has become mainstream The Anacostia Museum of the Smithsonian Institution Has an exhibition Juneteenth ’91, Freedom Revisited Reading of the works of African American novelists Like Ralph Ellison and Maya Angelou are popular And singing of traditional songs like “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” And “Lift Every Voice and Sing” are sung at ceremonial gatherings   Celebrations on “Jubilee Day” include picnics, rodeos, and cookouts Families have reunions, park parties, Attend blues festivals And there’s a Miss J

Homeless Shelters

  Homeless Shelters Where does the poor, homeless, And tired rest their weary heads? This has to be at homeless shelters.   Many people who come To these shelters are broken From the stress and strain of life They are all seeking relief.   Take a moment and help the homeless. Provide them with a suitable place to live. Let them be able to have a roof over their heads. And serve them meals to relieve their hunger. Their distraught and pain are intense.   The homeless and tired are really suffering. Let all good people empathize with their dilemma. This only calls for a bit of sacrifice on their part In making this world a better place So take time and give a little to those in need.   “Loving Provider, help all those who are homeless to have hope.   Let good people give a little to make their lives better by providing shelter and food.” Amen     

Symbolism of Fire

  Symbolism of Fire Fire is an emblem of divinity, political, and social unity For millions of years with fire our ancestors kept warm It protected them from being attacked by wild animals Served as a meeting place for tribal communities Where religious rites like chanting and telling stories were performed Most importantly after a hunt hunters cooked their meals   Ancient traditions glorify fire In the Hindu tradition the goddess Shiva – Destroyer, transformer, maintainer, and preserver is depicted as dancing in a circle of fire The Book of Exodus describes Moses’s encounter with a burning bush Classical Greek mythology shows how Promethus – The champion of mankind stole fire from the gods to give to humans Acts of the Apostles reminded Christian believers How the Holy Spirit appeared to the disciples as flames of fire   In ancient Persia and Rome fire played a prominent role The Zoroastrian religion made use of fire, and clean water to represent ri

Encroachment on Nature

  Encroachment on Nature People have invaded the wilderness Homes are built besides forests Trees tower overhead in the distant And there’s constant logging Mankind has definitely encroached on nature   Wildlife is crying out for help Creatures of all kinds are losing their habitats People are now affected By species carrying viruses So they are infected with diseases They never experienced before   CO₂ is heating up the planet Bringing in its wake unprecedented storms For months there have been violent winds, rain, and flooding That has been impacting many Northern and Southern states   Wildfires are raging in the West Homes and businesses are going up in flames Thousands are forced to flee And Washington, Oregon, and California Are in the throes of such a crisis People have to be able to live in harmony with nature   “Supreme Spirit, help us learn the best way to be with nature.   Enable us to live in harmony with its abundant gifts