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Jimmy Carter

  Jimmy Carter Johnathan Alter’s His Very Best: Jimmy Carter, A Life is a fascinating account of the 39 th President of the United States. As a boy he grew up in Georgia in a home without electricity or running water. Carter lived on a farm with his family where he worked doing basic chores. As a young man he became a Christian in the Baptist church, and later joined the navy where he became a nuclear engineer. In retirement after his father’s death, he moved back to Plains, Georgia, with his wife Rosalynn, and ran the peanut business. Carter entered politics, became governor of the state, and eventually won the national election against Gerald Ford to be President. As a former Southern governor, he had to deal with the politics of race. At first, he was lukewarm, tried to stay out of the fray, but eventually came to champion human rights. Carter was known for his strong Christian faith. His administration was progressive, and was instrumental in brokering an Israel-Palestine pea

World Religions

  Comparative Religions Comparative religions were shaped by a Euro-centered culture that formed the basis of what people know about World Religions. Much of this message was lit by missionaries. They came from Europe and travelled around the world. These were the early ambassadors who met the Colonists. Their basic beliefs became the bedrock of how they interpreted various religious faiths like Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Daoism, Shintoism, and Secular Humanism. These individuals pushed their thoughts about religion on the new cultures. They revived the emphasis on Greek, and Latin that shaped comparative Christianity, which were part of the Protestant Reformation. Some European theologians became famous like Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Desiderius Erasmus. With the Peace of Westphalia, the world of religion was born. By the 17th century there existed a significant guide. From the 18th to 21st century its scope broadened with India, China, Russi