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Mother Earth

  Mother Earth   Daily God’s creation is under assault but remember our earth has rights.  People are increasingly aware of the harm inflicted on the earth.  Because of these afflictions people suffer and die.  There are storms, pollutants, toxic waste, and ultraviolet rays.  Humans are exposed to thousands of man-made chemicals in the air and our waterways.  These concerns are prevalent in the following ways:             ● The greenhouse effects of gas emissions             ● Global warming             ● More infectious diseases             ● The depletion of the earth’s gaseous shield             ● Ultraviolet radiation             ● Flooding, forest fires, drought and malnutrition             ● The effects of breathing contaminated air             ● Diseases from animal waste             ● Proliferation of housing in forested areas             ● Dam constructions doing damage to the environment             ● Contamination of air             ● Po

Intentional Prayer

  Intentional Prayer Intentional prayer takes cues from nature. Nature is its God. People have to adjust to nature’s fluctuations. Nature behaves in constant and inconsistent ways. But all in all, it determines our course of life.   People rise in the morning after a night’s sleep. They eat when they are hungry. They sow when the weather conditions are favorable. And they dance when they are feeling happy. What do these actions tell us about humans? There are right conditions for doing what they do.   Prayer therefore should reflect life’s dimensions. It ought to take its cues from circumstances in our life. People should adjust their eating habits according to the circumstances of their life. When they are young, they may eat certain types of foods. When they are older some foods may not agree with them. When they are sick, they have to watch their dietary restrictions. This is the beginnings of intentional prayer that deals with our health.  

Life is Suffering

  Life is Suffering Is it all about how you live? Are you going to have problems? Will your journey be rosy? The facts of life are real. People will suffer.   It’s true. Some of us are born healthy. Still during the course of our lives there are health issues. This may be with a bout of depression. An accident may occur when we least expect. Then there may be struggles with the seasonal flu.   Others may be born with problems. They may have a handicap from birth. How can they deal with this? Often loving parents and friends come to their aid. It’s all about helping someone born this way.   Life often brings other problems. There are those elements in society that commit hate crimes. Innocent people of different races may suffer from such attacks. The color of a person’s skin may generate such hatred.   Some people suffer from addiction. It may be from prescribed drugs, alcohol, or sex. They will try to curb this dependency but to no

Thoughts About Afterlife

  Thoughts About Afterlife When people die what happens? Does the soul exist? Is there hope in this life? These are some questions that boggle the mind.   Is there a loving God? If such an entity exists why do millions of children die of starvation? Why did over 6-million Jews perish in the holocaust? Why are there natural disasters that cause havoc to millions? Could people still say that God loves humanity?   Christian, Muslim, and Jewish believers put their faith in heaven. Eastern faith traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism embrace reincarnation. They hold this faith is based on the teachings of sacred texts. But are these scriptures merely allegorical?   Some scientists have pointed to near death experiences. Thousands of such cases were said to have some things in common. But are these phenomena reflect on minds under duress? Others tell stories about how they were reborn. Regression studies account for these miracles of awareness