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God's Wisdom & Mercy

  God’s Wisdom & Mercy God’s wisdom and mercy are indescribable For the Divine is known for infinite grace Christian believers have an apostolic Spirit They embrace this eternal gift for spiritual growth That’s seen as an unquenchable fire A devotee of this Universal Essence says, “Don’t go where the path may lead, But go instead where there’s no path And be sure to leave a trail.”   Contemplating God is great For people experience goodness, and mercy Love heals wounded hearts So when you witness think about God’s omnipotence For this is how to touch unfaithful people   In your pastoral outreach love all mankind Be industrious and walk in the light And be devoted believers of the Word For its God’s wisdom   “Almighty God, grant us the peace that passes all understanding.   Let our words be soothing to all we encounter on our earthly sojourn.” Amen       

On Matthew's 40th Birthday

  Matthew’s Early Life You came crying into this world On August 12 th , 1981 at Norfolk General Hospital There to greet you were mom, dad, the doctor and hospital staff. That day surely felt like Christmas For you as a blessed gift had entered our lives This feeling lasted for years And it was a premonition that a special person was born   You were baptized Matthew Joseph Thomas At the Church of Holy Apostles On that day the congregation couldn’t take their eyes off of you Dressed in a unique baptismal gown handmade by Nonnie The Catholic priest Father Ray Barton held you up As the church accepted you as a new member of their family Holy Apostles became an important part of our family.   Your first babysitter was Mrs. Ethyl Weeks in College Park where we lived. Months later we chose babysitters CeCe and Barry to do this job. Then, you were at Gloria and Children’s World. Dad would pick you up after work  As a toddler you liked vacuuming, doing dishes, baking, and attending Gymboree cl

I Shall Live

  I Shall Live I shall live. I had a dream last night. I dreamt that I would live. I was at an Eternal School. There were teachers and students. Just like the way people are taught on earth. But this dream convinced me that there’s an eternity. When I showed up for class all the teaching slots were taken. And many students were in attendance.   I stuck around awaiting my fate. It seems as though karma was at work. And I was merely standing aside not knowing what to do. Then an advocate stepped forward who I didn’t quite recognize and insisted I stay. This incident was quite revealing and I thanked my stars. Standing in my midst were visions of family and friends who were deceased. Their appearances were quite fuzzy, and some I vaguely recognized. But I could sense from this celestial body that they wanted me to be on their team.   I was submitted to an oral examination and my partial removed. This was just like some medical examinations on eart