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Letter to Matthew

  Letter to Matthew Your mom and I appreciate having the opportunity in discussing race relations in America.   One thing you said that triggered this reaction that I must clarify.   It was in reference to my statement that I got jobs because I was Black. Saying this I don't mean to imply that my positions at universities were any way inferior to my white colleagues or other races.   I work hard studying at the schools I attended.   I earned my degrees like everyone else.   I realized that I was competing with other brilliant students.   Some were more talented than I was.   Nevertheless I had good self esteem.   I considered being Black a gift, and was blessed to be born in Georgetown, Guyana. In America I was thought of as a foreign Black.   This designation was never derogatory to me, for I was always proud of my heritage.   You see I came to America at the right time in its history.   Barriers were being broken down in the 1960’s with the Civil Rights Movement and demonstra