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Popular Culture

  Popular Culture What a joy it is to hold a culture in high esteem.   American popular culture though has some drawbacks.   Carl Bernstein (b. 1944), an investigative journalist of the Washington Post wrote, “The lowest form of popular culture – lack of information, misinformation, disinformation and a contempt for the truth or the reality of most people’s lives – has overrun real journalism.”   Americans find these shortcomings in sensationalism, tabloids, pop music, and displays of some art forms.   All however is not lost.   But it takes acceptance of some basic ethical norms for cultural peddlers to live according to what is right.   Strange as it may seem, the media’s audience buy into what is presented.   Even good Americans fall victims to ubiquitous displays of cultural distortions.   Some may say, “Everyone is watching salacious material, so why can’t I? It gives me pleasure.”   But people must realize they are victims of such presentations.     Cultural appreciation ca

Civil Rights

  Civil Rights Civil rights in the United States have a rather interesting history, but it is a story about our society’s future.   In the 1960’s, the Civil Right Act was passed.   The American Congress made it possible for these laws to be implemented that would have far-reaching effects.   Through this act it was possible to inspect voter registration rolls, prohibit discrimination on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin.   It ensured there was equity in the sale, rental, and financing of housing.   Gwendolyn Brooks (1917 – 2000), a national poet wrote, “When you use the term minority or minorities in reference to people, you’re telling them that they’re less than somebody else.”   In the world’s faiths love is the greatest virtue, and there should be no distinction with the races of humankind.     The Civil Rights Movement’s (1955–1968) aim was to abolish discrimination.  Its success saw greater sensitivities with diversified TV images, church groups, protestors, and

Book Promotional Groups

  Book Promotional Groups I have attempted to promote my books for free in these groups. But no way do I intend to spend money to advertise. After all, I am only writing in retirement as a hobby. This is what gives me purpose and pleasure. I am not looking to sell many books. But I am perfectly happy to utilize freebies online for my purposes. This was my goal in joining a few promotional groups for authors. However, I have not found these groups to be helpful. Basically, they are impossible to access in any meaningful way. The groups are crowded with lots of lofty promises, and are not quite cut out to be what they are. Their promotions seem to be more hype than substance.

A Weekly Encounter

  A Weekly Encounter – Available:   A Weekly Encounter: Fifty-Two Meditations of Hope by Erwin K Thomas is a carefully crafted and meant to bring joy to those desirous of growing in the Christian faith. Through this devotional God's promises, blessings, and future hope are lifted for those seeking solace and peace of mind. These meditations are guides to a weekly walk in an individual’s prayer life. R eaders will be comforted by biblical verses, quotes from well-known, and famous personalities. These will touch and enlighten their social, cultural, and spiritual quests.   They will gain insights of the thinking of historical figures like Thomas Jefferson, Eleanor Roosevelt, William Shakespeare, John F. Kennedy, Pope Francis, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Billy Graham, Desmond Tutu, Aristotle, Voltaire, Confucius and more. In their own colorful style, they will capture the grandiose nature of a loving God. These de

Ever-Present Time

  Ever-Present Time Time is of the essence. People live by it. They make major plans. It’s all based on their timing.   Where do people live? How do they pass their time? How much do they learn? Only time will tell.   To some, every second counts. Others look at minutes. But most live according to hours. They savor the seasons of the year.   At work it’s all about time. On trips a clock is important. Then, there’s some time to play. And the glorious days often rush by.   But what should people do? Does time control their lives? Are they regulated by a clock? Time is ever-present in their lives.    

Aloe Vera Plant

  Aloe Vera Plant O behold the green aloe with succulent stems. It is Godsend. People view this plant as an angel. Strangers – ordinary folk, gardeners, and farmers grow this plant. They try to nurture it the right way, and that is what they share with nature. Aloe Vera must be watered infrequently to discourage rot.   The aloe needs six to eight hours of direct sunlight daily, and there must be sandy soil if the plant is grown outdoors. If the tips of the aloe become brown it is a problem with too much watering. This plant even grows well indoors with indirect sunlight, but still growers must check the soil for rotten roots.   Aloe Vera is an angel because of its life-generating properties, and it is a popular ingredient in South Asian dishes. It can be eaten raw or cooked. And what else is this plant good for? For centuries it has been used as a tropical skin cream. It is a laxative that helps individuals with constipation. The meat insid

Personal (#Dfurstane) Spiritual Beliefs

  Personal (*Dfurstane) Spiritual Beliefs 1)   Spiritual beliefs are always evolving, and like nature nothing remains the same. 2)   God is the Universal Spirit, infinite, and unchangeable in wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth.   3)   God is predictable, unpredictable, and mysterious. 4)   This Timeless Spirit is the glue that holds all Universal Manifestations together. 5)   By the Eternal Spirit all beings, structures, and elements were created. 6)   On entering the world via the Creator, all living and non-living beings take some form, and at the end of their existence their consciousness becomes invisible again. 7)   The health and consciousness of all living things are predetermined. 8)   Sin is a human construct, but there is “good” and “bad” in the world that are different sides of the same coin. 9)   Prayer is diverse.   It involves thoughts, deeds, physical exercises, and works. 10)   Human reason causes healing, growth, development, and

Hindus & Reincarnation

  Hindus & Reincarnation Hindus believe in reincarnation after death, and that the atman, or soul, receives a new body and life based on Karma, of good and bad actions in their previous life.   They hold that believers can be reincarnated not only as humans, but also animals, insects, and plants.   The goal is to be released from the reincarnation cycle, and achieve Moksha, liberation from the cycle. Being freed from the cycle it is believed Hindus return to be with Brahman.

Dangers of Air Pollution

  Dangers of Air Pollution   Solid particles and gases mix in the air to form pollution. This mixture of hazardous substances includes both man-made sources, and is the result of nature’s behavior.   Our vehicles are culprits that emit fumes. Oils and natural gases play their part. By products of manufacturing generators also cause problems in communities, so, does coal-fuel power plants, and the fumes from chemical production.   Nature is also to be blamed for our problems when hazardous substances are released in the air. These appear from the smoke of wildfires, ashes and gases as volcanoes eruptions, and from decomposing organic waste in the soil.   This pollution however affects our health. Cardiovascular disease is a problem. Emphysema, asthma, and cancer are prevalent, and other chronic ailments like COPD are often caused by living near major roadways.      

Jewish Afterlife

  Jewish Afterlife Jewish afterlife beliefs depend on individual Jews. These adherents focus more on their life on earth.   Most believe there is an afterlife that can come in many forms. Some embrace the reincarnation cycle, while others look to the World to Come, and a Heaven-like Paradise.

Spiritualists' Beliefs

  Spiritualists’ Beliefs Spiritualists believe that the afterlife, or spirit world, is a realm where spirits continue to evolve.   They think souls live on and take their consciousness with them. They hold that these ethereal beings can interact with those living on earth through mediums in the spirit and physical world.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

  Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s On Life After Death is a concise primer on the dying. The author a psychiatrist at the University of Chicago explained the stages a patient goes through while dying. She reported that as people die, they shed what she described as their cocoon – their outer shell. This process Kübler-Ross emphasized take the form of leaving their cocoon like a butterfly, and transforming into an ethereal state. With this consciousness an individual can witness the events of his death. He will know details of the operation room, and the doctors that are endeavoring to save his life. These phenomena have repercussions for individuals who have had near-death experiences. The author pointed out that handicap people whether they are blind or amputees come to experience bodies that are completely rejuvenated when they encounter that brilliant light that they often describe. Kübler-Ross explained as people transit to their ethereal bodies they will norma

Edgar Cayce

  Edgar Cayce Thomas Sugrue’s There Is A River: The Story of Edgar Cayce reads like a science fiction novel. It tells of Cayce’s extraordinary and unbelievable talents. Throughout the book family and friends questioned his psychic abilities. How can anyone sleep on a book and able to recall its contents? How can Cayce go to sleep, and diagnose disease in patients that have baffled doctors in the medical profession? As a “sleeping prophet” Cayce has made a name for himself. He was covered by newspapers in numerous cities, including stories in the New York Times, and was visited by professionals to ascertain if he were a charlatan. But according to Sugrue all these investigations proved positive about his gifts. With his abilities Cayce was able to prescribe treatments for hundreds of his subjects. These patients had to follow the exact protocol as prescribed. In instances many medicines were different from those use by traditional medical professionals. Cayce eventually expanded h

Devotions on Ailments @

  Devotions on Ailments Devotions on Ailments: Physical & National Ills by Erwin K Thomas endeavor to address diverse problems of everyday lives.   These are the issues that often spiral out of control.   They may have no easy answers.   People may be unable to fix them, and can be a thorn in their side.   Yet, individuals from every walk of life have to face these dilemmas.   Some of these problems take on new meanings.   But such challenges continue to exist while they grapple with uncertainties.   These are in the very DNA of our lives at the physical and national levels.   Many however do experience these disruptions in all kinds of illnesses that linger beneath the surface of their existence.   Everyone deals with these issues differently, but their main goal is to find the right solutions in solving them.   What follows in each part of this book are examples of these calamities. Part Ⅰ – Life & Hope deals with the vicissitudes of living.   It examines society – senio

Independent Day

  Independence Day (U.S.A) July 4th is an auspicious Federal holiday. It is very much unlike any other day. American Colonies were no longer subject to British rule. So, this special event is a time to celebrate.   Independence Day ushered in America’s freedoms. So, let us commemorate this day of deliverance. Let’s fall on our knees in devotion to Almighty God. And mark the nation’s birth with pomp and circumstances.   Let fireworks explode, and decorate the evening sky! Americans celebrate with carnivals, fairs, and play games. It’s time for gun-salutes, fireworks, reunions, and public events.   Independence Day began when the Second Continental Congress Voted to approve the resolution for Independence proposed By Richard Henry Lee of Virginia Declaring the United States Independent from Great Britain From that time on this national event was celebrated.   “God continue to guide our nation.   Let us glorify our achievements.   And let America’s

Ultimate Reality

  Ultimate Reality To embrace the All in All is to have an appreciation of Our Creator’s manifestations,   the heavenly bodies - suns, moons, and stars plus unknown planets   Traversing the sky is phenomenal.   The trees, plants, oceans, rivers, streams, mountains, hills and valleys speak with their own language while being buffeted by the wind.     So, are the seasons – spring, summer, autumn, and winter with their distinct moods.   At times, it’s serene, and glorious, sometimes the earth is battered by hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and forest fires.   But animals, reptiles, birds, and fishes inhabit the land, air, and oceans.   They live, breed, and feed in this Reality.   This is the gift what nature provides.     People breathe fresh air, pick fruits, feast on delicacies, drink refreshing water, build cozy houses from   sturdy trees, and cook their meals with fire.   These manifestations are only a part Of the Etern