Dangers of Air Pollution


Dangers of Air Pollution 

Solid particles and gases mix

in the air to form pollution.

This mixture of hazardous substances

includes both man-made sources,

and is the result of nature’s behavior.


Our vehicles are culprits that emit fumes.

Oils and natural gases play their part.

By products of manufacturing generators

also cause problems in communities,

so, does coal-fuel power plants,

and the fumes from chemical production.


Nature is also to be blamed for our problems

when hazardous substances are released in the air.

These appear from the smoke of wildfires,

ashes and gases as volcanoes eruptions,

and from decomposing organic waste in the soil.


This pollution however affects our health.

Cardiovascular disease is a problem.

Emphysema, asthma, and cancer are prevalent,

and other chronic ailments like COPD

are often caused by living near major roadways.



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