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Personal Spiritual Beliefs

  Personal Spiritual Beliefs - *Dfurstane 1)   Spiritual beliefs are always evolving, and like nature nothing remains the same. 2)   The Eternal Essence is All in All, predictable and unpredictable, the existence of a mystery, and always greater than conceived.   3)   This Timeless Spirit is the glue that holds together all manifestations. 4)   Through this Eternal Essence all objects, structures, and species are created. 5)   On entering the world all living and non-living things have some form, and at the end of their existence will revert back to nature. 6)   The consciousness and health of all life are determined by synchronicity. 7)   Sin is a human construct, but “good” and “bad” exist as sides of the same coin. 8)   People pray through their thoughts, deeds, physical exercises, and works. 9)   Rational reflecting causes growth, development, discovery, and healing. 10)   “Positive” and “negative” polarities are cultural norms, but eternal reality is diverse w

Prayer in Nature

  Prayer in Nature Pray like you mean it. Embrace every facet of the world. Show your love to the entire ecosystem by honoring all sentient life. Greet each dawn by watching the sun rise, and chirping birds in the tree tops. Walk to the woods to be among the towering trees. Bring along your pet dog for the hike as a companion. But, be careful about the wild animals you encounter. There may be deer, opossums, squirrels, or other creeping creatures like snakes, tortoises, and lizards. After an exhausting day, be sure to swim in a stream, river, lake, or the ocean. Just take a plunge with your pet, feel the soothing water, warm sunshine, and gentle breeze caressing your body. This reality is the point of a life of prayer in nature.

In Memory of the Cubana 73

In Memory of the Cubana 73 Omnipotent Reality, I know that there will be ubiquitous justice. These victims’ souls and particles will continue to resonate in the Universe. Rawle Aubrey Thomas (10/2/1957–10/6/1976) Rawle, 19, was never able to become a medical doctor.  He had won a Guyana’s scholarship to pursue this dream.  But his young life was snuffed out in the Cubana disaster.   But, memories of how smart, talented, and compassionate he was lives on in our hearts.  On the morning of his departure from Georgetown to Havana, he visited our mother Clarice’s gravesite at Le Repentir Cemetery to say goodbye.         Rawle, our youngest brother was aboard Cubana Flight 455 that began in Georgetown, Guyana, with stops in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and landed at Seawell International Airport in Barbados.  Its itinerary was to continue on to Kingston, Jamaica, before landing in Havana Cuba.  But this never happened, for the McDonnel Douglas four-engine DC-8 jet adorned with the Cubana Airline

Pamela Thomas's Passing

  Pamela Thomas’s Passing My sister-in-law Pam Thomas of Georgetown, Guyana was like a Star. Stars decorate the night sky. Their light shines brightly in a cloudless sky. Over all these years family and friends were joyful over Pam’s presence. But celestial bodies are known to interact with life’s realities on earth. They struggle with their formation and evolve with the passing of time. Pam’s brilliance showcased her accomplishments and setbacks by the way people ought to live. Yet, like all heavenly bodies her goodness will keep multiplying, and extending themselves to all sentient beings. It is noted that a Star as a symbol of eternity will eventually die like everything else. But Pam’s soul and particles will evolve into a new form of life. This will be all part of a Universe without end. Rest in peace Pam!

A Life Savior

  A Life Savior Water is a tremendous blessing. It invigorates the mind, refreshes the body, and consoles the soul. Just pour me a glass, and I will drink it with delight. Lead me on Universal God, and I will plunge into the ocean of life. I lie awake on a stormy night listening to raindrops falling on the roof of my house. Their rhythmic sounds do send chills throughout the whole body. In churches, temples, and synagogues spiritual leaders perform rituals with this natural phenomenon that is a life savior.  

The Big Picture

  The Big Picture Lying in bed in absolute stillness, I contemplated the wonders of the Universe. Outside of the bedroom window I could hear birds cawing, dogs barking, and trees rustling in the wind. It was early in the morning, and I felt at peace. Consciously, my mind was interacting with the surroundings. The room’s light was dim, curtains were drawn, and bed covers warmed my body. It was however quite mild today. My senses were enlivened, and mind grasped the big picture that I was One with the Universe. A collection of trillions of particles was just a fraction of the Universe, by being a sentient being grasping reality’s essence.