Pamela Thomas's Passing


Pamela Thomas’s Passing

My sister-in-law Pam Thomas of Georgetown, Guyana was like a Star. Stars decorate the night sky. Their light shines brightly in a cloudless sky. Over all these years family and friends were joyful over Pam’s presence. But celestial bodies are known to interact with life’s realities on earth. They struggle with their formation and evolve with the passing of time. Pam’s brilliance showcased her accomplishments and setbacks by the way people ought to live. Yet, like all heavenly bodies her goodness will keep multiplying, and extending themselves to all sentient beings. It is noted that a Star as a symbol of eternity will eventually die like everything else. But Pam’s soul and particles will evolve into a new form of life. This will be all part of a Universe without end. Rest in peace Pam!


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