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Key to Happiness

  Key to Happiness Oh! What does it mean to be happy? Is it having good health? Is it being rich? Is it having all the toys in this world? Is it having a purpose in life? Or, is it knowing one’s role in society? It can be all of these things.   But understanding one’s role In having a peaceful mind And being contented Should be our goal It’s knowing how to act. It’s discovering one’s place in life. It’s making sure you help others.   These virtues lead to happiness By doing what you can You realize some things can’t be changed. You understand only certain situations Are in your sphere of influence Regardless how hard you try   But you can size up any social problem. Take the necessary steps to resolve it. See where you fit in. And act to the best of your ability By doing what you can reasonably do “God, give us the wisdom to know what is best. Help us to understand our limitations, live within our means, and act accordingly for

Rejoice! It's Christmas

  Rejoice! It’s Christmas Oh! What a glorious time To be alive When all the angels are singing And praising the Most High For the joys of this Christmas season   A Savior is born in Bethlehem As a babe he came into the world In a simple manger Watched over by animals With his mother Mary And father Joseph at this side But our Redeemer lies in their midst   Oh! What joy has come to mankind Millions now know this child Jesus All around the world Christians Have placed their trust in Him Christ is the Indispensable One The beginning and end of life   So, glorify his Holy Name Give thanks for His Sacredness For the Savior of the Universe Was born on this blessed day Let all churches unite in prayer To welcome their Savior   What an amazing day is Christmas! People show benevolence They give gifts, sing carols, Welcome, and glorify The Prince of Peace, And their new born King Alleluia! For this new reality! “God, you ha