Rejoice! It's Christmas


Rejoice! It’s Christmas

Oh! What a glorious time

To be alive

When all the angels are singing

And praising the Most High

For the joys of this Christmas season


A Savior is born in Bethlehem

As a babe he came into the world

In a simple manger

Watched over by animals

With his mother Mary

And father Joseph at this side

But our Redeemer lies in their midst


Oh! What joy has come to mankind

Millions now know this child Jesus

All around the world Christians

Have placed their trust in Him

Christ is the Indispensable One

The beginning and end of life


So, glorify his Holy Name

Give thanks for His Sacredness

For the Savior of the Universe

Was born on this blessed day

Let all churches unite in prayer

To welcome their Savior


What an amazing day is Christmas!

People show benevolence

They give gifts, sing carols,

Welcome, and glorify

The Prince of Peace,

And their new born King

Alleluia! For this new reality!

“God, you have graced us by being born as a simple child in a stable. But still, you are a Prince, King, and Redeemer of the Universe. And because of these celestial gifts Christian believers throughout the world celebrate Christmas.”







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