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Aloe Vera God's Angel

  Aloe Vera God’s Angel O behold the green aloe with succulent stems It’s a Godsend And people see this plant as an angel   Strangers – ordinary folk, gardeners, And farmers do their part to grow this plant They are sure to care and nurture it in the right way And that’s the love they share with nature Aloe Vera must be watered infrequently to discourage rot So, its caretakers have to be sure the soil is dry before watering it   The aloe needs six to eight hours of direct sunlight daily And there must be sandy soil if the plant is grown in-or-outdoors If the tips of the aloes become brown It’s a problem with too much watering This plant even grows well indoors with indirect sunlight But still growers must check the soil And remove roots that rot   Aloe Vera is an angel because of its life-generating properties And it’s a popular ingredient in Indian and South Asian dishes It can be eaten cooked or raw But what else is this plant good for?

An Author Who Inspires This Writer the Most

  An Author Who Inspires This Writer the Most By Erwin K Thomas The individual who has inspired this writer the most is Karen Armstrong. Armstrong was born in England on November 14, 1944. She is a historian of World Religions and an Interfaith Advocate. As a young Catholic nun, she suffered physical and psychological abuse, and left the convent in 1969. She attended St. Anne’s College, and later embarked on D.Phil. on the poet Tennyson. Having failed at this educational venture she taught English at James Allen’s Girls’ School. Eventually in life she overcame an undiagnosed temporal lobe epilepsy that was a troublesome health problem. In 1984, she became a broadcast presenter, and was commissioned by British Channel Four to make a TV documentary on religion. Armstrong’s spiritual books included: Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet (1991), A History of God: The 4,000 Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (1993), Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths (1996), Islam: A Short Hi