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Black Eyed Susans

  Black-Eyed Susans Yes! Planters are more than mortals We’re helpers of nature We’re able to make plants grow And we’re active in the process But it’s nature that determines the outcome.   Take black-eyed Susans There’s a planter’s playbook About how to get the best results Black-eyed Susans must be planted When the soil temperature is around 70 degrees For the best results The planting period is March to May These seedlings will flower from June to September.   Black-eyed Susans enjoy the sun So be sure to give them plenty sunlight But be mindful and fertilize the soil for the best results Check the plants regularly to see if they need watering And be sure they don’t dry out   Further tips would be to remove Faded or dead leaves to prolong blooming You must know when to prune So that smaller blooms will occur in the fall But all gardeners do, they are just helping nature To ensure that black-eyed Susans grow their best Still a p

Aging Wisely

  Aging Wisely What does it mean to age wisely? Have you been preparing for the ride? You better grab the steering wheel Because sooner or later you’ll get there   Aging has to do with people’s attitude. You can be a couch potato or active. Doing activities are beneficial as you age. They help to keep one’s mind sharp.   Having confidence brings joy to life. It’s imperative that seniors love what they do. They can participate in a variety of activities. Some can spend their time exercising, painting, Learning a new language, going to coffee hours, Practicing music, playing games, and doing crosswords   It’s true that as people age they face challenges. Some may suffer from arthritis, lung disease, Cancer, heart disease, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, falls, or Osteoporosis But with proper medical care and medication Sufferers are able to control these diseases     “Almighty Creator, help people as they age to live productive liv

Independence Day (U.S.A)

  Independence Day (U.S.A) July 4th is an auspicious federal holiday. It’s unlike other holidays. For the American Colonies were no longer subject to British rule. This national day is a time for celebration.   Independence Day ushered in America’s freedoms. So let’s commemorate this day of deliverance. Let’s fall on our knees in devotion to Almighty God. And mark our nation’s birth with pomp and parades.   Let fireworks explode and decorate the evening sky. Americans celebrate with carnivals, fairs, and games. It’s time for reunions, ceremonies, and public events. Independence Day began when the Second Continental Congress Voted to approve the resolution for Independence proposed By Richard Henry Lee of Virginia Declaring the United States independent from Great Britain From that time on its celebration Was marked by gun-salutes, speeches, music, and prayers   “God has continued to guide our nation.   Let’s glorify this achievement.   And let

Feed the Hungry

  Feed the Hungry Health care professionals, social workers, And staff at schools around the country Issue food bank vouchers Meant for people to receive Nutritionally balanced foods At their local food bank   A food bank is a non-profit And charitable organization That distributes food to those in need Food is given directly to the hungry The U.S. government plays a vital role It sets spending for all federal programs   How can you help your local food bank? You can donate a list of items Including tinned meat and fish, Pasta and pasta sauces, rice, cereal, Tinned vegetables and soups, Milk and other non-perishable items   If you aren’t giving food items People can make monetary contributions This enables the food bank to buy more supplies It also helps the food bank To sponsor related programs In helping the poor and hungry   “Gracious Provider, help your people to give a helping hand to the poor and destitute that are hungry.