Feed the Hungry


Feed the Hungry

Health care professionals, social workers,

And staff at schools around the country

Issue food bank vouchers

Meant for people to receive

Nutritionally balanced foods

At their local food bank


A food bank is a non-profit

And charitable organization

That distributes food to those in need

Food is given directly to the hungry

The U.S. government plays a vital role

It sets spending for all federal programs


How can you help your local food bank?

You can donate a list of items

Including tinned meat and fish,

Pasta and pasta sauces, rice, cereal,

Tinned vegetables and soups,

Milk and other non-perishable items


If you aren’t giving food items

People can make monetary contributions

This enables the food bank to buy more supplies

It also helps the food bank

To sponsor related programs

In helping the poor and hungry


“Gracious Provider, help your people to give a helping hand to the poor and destitute that are hungry.  Let them give generously to alleviate the hunger of those who are in need of food.”







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