Personal Spiritual Beliefs


Personal Spiritual Beliefs - *Dfurstane

1)  Spiritual beliefs are always evolving, and like nature nothing remains the same.

2)  The Eternal Essence is All in All, predictable and unpredictable, the existence of a mystery, and always greater than conceived. 

3)  This Timeless Spirit is the glue that holds together all manifestations.

4)  Through this Eternal Essence all objects, structures, and species are created.

5)  On entering the world all living and non-living things have some form, and at the end of their existence will revert back to nature.

6)  The consciousness and health of all life are determined by synchronicity.

7)  Sin is a human construct, but “good” and “bad” exist as sides of the same coin.

8)  People pray through their thoughts, deeds, physical exercises, and works.

9)  Rational reflecting causes growth, development, discovery, and healing.

10)  “Positive” and “negative” polarities are cultural norms, but eternal reality is diverse with nature.

11)  Prayer only works as a regulator of “cosmic wholeness for order and disorder.”  It has to do with interdependence, and inter-relationships of structures.  Believers should pray to experience “harmony.” A lack of this gift is how the world will have disruptions.  This reality has nothing to do with how people are living, but is due to the workings of synchronicity.  

12)  Reasoning is the key for a successful life.   This means aiming for a balanced life: a) enabling the mind to develop in understanding; b) caring for your body; c) serving the poor, homeless, and destitute; and d) building up the world with love and compassion.

13)  Religious literacy will help believers discover the path for spiritual growth. 

 *Dfurstane, Eternal Essence, or God   

– Devotees for Universal Rights Stand Tall after Natural Enlightenment.

Erwin K. Thomas 

October 10, 2023 11:08 Am


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