Independent Day


Independence Day (U.S.A)

July 4th is an auspicious Federal holiday.

It is very much unlike any other day.

American Colonies were no longer subject to British rule.

So, this special event is a time to celebrate.


Independence Day ushered in America’s freedoms.

So, let us commemorate this day of deliverance.

Let’s fall on our knees in devotion to Almighty God.

And mark the nation’s birth with pomp and circumstances.


Let fireworks explode, and decorate the evening sky!

Americans celebrate with carnivals, fairs, and play games.

It’s time for gun-salutes, fireworks, reunions, and public events.


Independence Day began when the Second Continental Congress

Voted to approve the resolution for Independence proposed

By Richard Henry Lee of Virginia

Declaring the United States Independent from Great Britain

From that time on this national event was celebrated.


“God continue to guide our nation.  Let us glorify our achievements.  And let America’s universal goal of perpetuating freedoms for the young, old, male, female, religious, and non-religious for all peoples - including LGBTQ+ be achieved, regardless of their creed, color, national origin, and beliefs. Let America be a beacon of light to the world!”



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