Ultimate Reality


Ultimate Reality

To embrace the All in All

is to have an appreciation

of Our Creator’s manifestations, 

the heavenly bodies - suns, moons,

and stars plus unknown planets


Traversing the sky is phenomenal. 

The trees, plants, oceans, rivers,

streams, mountains, hills and valleys

speak with their own language

while being buffeted by the wind. 


So, are the seasons – spring,

summer, autumn, and winter

with their distinct moods. 

At times, it’s serene, and glorious,

sometimes the earth is battered by hurricanes,

earthquakes, tsunamis, and forest fires.


But animals, reptiles, birds, and fishes

inhabit the land, air, and oceans. 

They live, breed, and feed in this Reality. 

This is the gift what nature provides. 


People breathe fresh air, pick fruits,

feast on delicacies, drink refreshing water,

build cozy houses from  sturdy trees,

and cook their meals with fire.


These manifestations are only a part

Of the Eternal Essence

that’s within, above, below, and around us. 

Personalizing this Reality is a metaphor. 

S/he’s omniscient, omnipresent,

Omnipotent, immanent, and transcendent 

Words can’t adequately describe this entity.

This force is part of an all-encompassing nature




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