A Weekly Encounter


A Weekly Encounter – Available: https://www.amazon.com/author/erwinthomas

 A Weekly Encounter: Fifty-Two Meditations of Hope by Erwin K Thomas is a carefully crafted and meant to bring joy to those desirous of growing in the Christian faith. Through this devotional God's promises, blessings, and future hope are lifted for those seeking solace and peace of mind. These meditations are guides to a weekly walk in an individual’s prayer life.

Readers will be comforted by biblical verses, quotes from well-known, and famous personalities. These will touch and enlighten their social, cultural, and spiritual quests.  They will gain insights of the thinking of historical figures like Thomas Jefferson, Eleanor Roosevelt, William Shakespeare, John F. Kennedy, Pope Francis, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Billy Graham, Desmond Tutu, Aristotle, Voltaire, Confucius and more. In their own colorful style, they will capture the grandiose nature of a loving God.

These devotions are presented in ten sections: The Church, Love Conquers, Light Is a Force, Precious Gifts, Live with Dignity, Cultural Attributes, Our Real Home, Superb Joy, Team Spirit, and Selected Readings. Topics explored are: the human condition, hidden saints, vision of leadership, images of God, faces of love, pioneer of salvation, cherished lives, our marvelous gifts, blessings in disguise, American culture, your earthly journey and more.

Readers have the option of reflecting on a biblical verse at the end of each week that is relevant to the devotional topic in Thought of the Week. This one-of-a-kind collection will sustain them throughout an entire year. For in this book are beliefs about the Holy Spirit, quotations of world-renowned, and successful personalities that will pique their interest. Believers will learn more about the scriptures, divine mysteries, living godly lives, hopes of salvation, and about paradise. Each quote has been carefully selected, and is geared to elaborate on the content of every meditation.

Care was taken in deciding on the entries for the Selected Readings. It was through these cited works the author was able to shape these devotions. These citations were drawn from a mixture of contemporary Christian thought, theological teachings, spiritual classics, and prayer books. With these devotions, there was an attempt to capture the essence of major Christian faith traditions: Roman Catholic, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, and non-denominational churches. Interestingly, some of the Christian resources listed in the Selected Readings were found On-line, at libraries, Barnes & Noble Bookstores, Used Bookstores, and Thrift Stores.


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