Edgar Cayce


Edgar Cayce

Thomas Sugrue’s There Is A River: The Story of Edgar Cayce reads like a science fiction novel. It tells of Cayce’s extraordinary and unbelievable talents. Throughout the book family and friends questioned his psychic abilities. How can anyone sleep on a book and able to recall its contents? How can Cayce go to sleep, and diagnose disease in patients that have baffled doctors in the medical profession?

As a “sleeping prophet” Cayce has made a name for himself. He was covered by newspapers in numerous cities, including stories in the New York Times, and was visited by professionals to ascertain if he were a charlatan. But according to Sugrue all these investigations proved positive about his gifts. With his abilities Cayce was able to prescribe treatments for hundreds of his subjects. These patients had to follow the exact protocol as prescribed. In instances many medicines were different from those use by traditional medical professionals.

Cayce eventually expanded his readings. He began to do “life readings” for his subjects. These were viewed as being especially helpful to people who were sick, in crisis, and wanted to know about their future. But things did not always go well for him. During his years of practice, he was twice arrested. And both times judges freed him of any blame of practicing medicine without a license.

Because of popular demand Cayce was able to start a hospital and university in Virginia Beach. The idea of these enterprises came in readings. A.R.E., hospital, and university were to be located near water, and the beach was the ideal place. Other cities were considered, but Virginia Beach always remained pre-eminent. The Association for Enlightenment laid down its roots in this area of the country with Cayce taking up residence with his family. There family members, and the public continue to have access to thousands of Cayce’s readings that were recorded, and available at the library. Although the original university and hospital were aborted by its board, A.R.E. has evolved again as a psychic center known for its holistic, Christian, and Eastern teachings. A variety of books and other materials about the works of Edgar Cayce is available at the A.R.E. Bookstore.         


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