Aloe Vera Plant


Aloe Vera Plant

O behold the green aloe with succulent stems.

It is Godsend.

People view this plant as an angel.

Strangers – ordinary folk, gardeners,

and farmers grow this plant.

They try to nurture it the right way,

and that is what they share with nature.

Aloe Vera must be watered infrequently to discourage rot.


The aloe needs six to eight hours of direct sunlight daily,

and there must be sandy soil if the plant is grown outdoors.

If the tips of the aloe become brown

it is a problem with too much watering.

This plant even grows well indoors with indirect sunlight,

but still growers must check the soil for rotten roots.


Aloe Vera is an angel because of its life-generating properties,

and it is a popular ingredient in South Asian dishes.

It can be eaten raw or cooked.

And what else is this plant good for?

For centuries it has been used as a tropical skin cream.

It is a laxative that helps individuals with constipation.

The meat inside its leaves treats the skin’s condition like psoriasis,

and its creams have a calming effect by reducing inflammation.


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