I Shall Live


I Shall Live

I shall live.

I had a dream last night.

I dreamt that I would live.

I was at an Eternal School.

There were teachers and students.

Just like the way people are taught on earth.

But this dream convinced me that there’s an eternity.

When I showed up for class all the teaching slots were taken.

And many students were in attendance.


I stuck around awaiting my fate.

It seems as though karma was at work.

And I was merely standing aside not knowing what to do.

Then an advocate stepped forward who I didn’t quite recognize and insisted I stay.

This incident was quite revealing and I thanked my stars.

Standing in my midst were visions of family and friends who were deceased.

Their appearances were quite fuzzy, and some I vaguely recognized.

But I could sense from this celestial body that they wanted me to be on their team.


I was submitted to an oral examination and my partial removed.

This was just like some medical examinations on earth.

It appears as people progress through life testing never ends.

It was made clear that all tests and good works led to eternity.

They never really end but determine our final fate.

Life is nothing more than a school that continues on and on.

Without doubt our evaluation never stops.

This also happens in the eternal realm.

And I was sure that the natural and spiritual world are interrelated.


It was clear that what is determined depends on how people live on earth.

Our afterlife and this reality coalesce into a meaningful and beautiful existence.

Destiny is experienced as life beckons.

So don’t waste your life over frivolities.

In the end people have to answer for their deeds to live.

Beyond this life on earth there are spiritual advocates that decide our fate.

This my friends are nothing more than our heaven and hell.

Our judgment is ongoing.

It not only determines how long people live, but where, and when they live.

This revelation gives us hope and is eternal my friends.


Erwin K Thomas

August 1, 2021





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