God's Wisdom & Mercy


God’s Wisdom & Mercy

God’s wisdom and mercy are indescribable

For the Divine is known for infinite grace

Christian believers have an apostolic Spirit

They embrace this eternal gift for spiritual growth

That’s seen as an unquenchable fire

A devotee of this Universal Essence says,

“Don’t go where the path may lead,

But go instead where there’s no path

And be sure to leave a trail.”


Contemplating God is great

For people experience goodness, and mercy

Love heals wounded hearts

So when you witness think about God’s omnipotence

For this is how to touch unfaithful people


In your pastoral outreach love all mankind

Be industrious and walk in the light

And be devoted believers of the Word

For its God’s wisdom


“Almighty God, grant us the peace that passes all understanding.  Let our words be soothing to all we encounter on our earthly sojourn.”




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