Intentional Prayer


Intentional Prayer

Intentional prayer takes cues from nature.

Nature is its God.

People have to adjust to nature’s fluctuations.

Nature behaves in constant and inconsistent ways.

But all in all, it determines our course of life.


People rise in the morning after a night’s sleep.

They eat when they are hungry.

They sow when the weather conditions are favorable.

And they dance when they are feeling happy.

What do these actions tell us about humans?

There are right conditions for doing what they do.


Prayer therefore should reflect life’s dimensions.

It ought to take its cues from circumstances in our life.

People should adjust their eating habits according to the circumstances of their life.

When they are young, they may eat certain types of foods.

When they are older some foods may not agree with them.

When they are sick, they have to watch their dietary restrictions.

This is the beginnings of intentional prayer that deals with our health.


But intentional prayer covers every aspect of our lives.

It’s best to travel when the weather is good.

It’s best to take a trip when at the right time of year.

What happens when there isn’t such an opportunity?

Often, it’s better to wait for the perfect season to avail itself.

Sometimes people find themselves going against the grain.

Such a choice flies in the face of intentional prayer.

Intentional prayer is doing what’s right at a particular time in one’s life.


“Encompassing Nature, help people to decide on the right time to accomplish their tasks for living. Guide them so that their intentional prayer will be in sync with the ebb and flow of life.”








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