Thoughts About Afterlife


Thoughts About Afterlife

When people die what happens?

Does the soul exist?

Is there hope in this life?

These are some questions that boggle the mind.


Is there a loving God?

If such an entity exists why do millions of children die of starvation?

Why did over 6-million Jews perish in the holocaust?

Why are there natural disasters that cause havoc to millions?

Could people still say that God loves humanity?


Christian, Muslim, and Jewish believers put their faith in heaven.

Eastern faith traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism embrace reincarnation.

They hold this faith is based on the teachings of sacred texts.

But are these scriptures merely allegorical?


Some scientists have pointed to near death experiences.

Thousands of such cases were said to have some things in common.

But are these phenomena reflect on minds under duress?

Others tell stories about how they were reborn.

Regression studies account for these miracles of awareness.

But does science have the true answers of how the mind really works?


Philosophers and scientists agree that humankind has an essence.

This reality is known to people as consciousness.

But does this awareness live on after they die?

Some critics agree that this is the case, but others disagree.

“Amazing Creator, you have gifted humankind with many mysteries about divinity. Help us in our understanding of what happens after people die.”






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