Life is Suffering


Life is Suffering

Is it all about how you live?

Are you going to have problems?

Will your journey be rosy?

The facts of life are real.

People will suffer.


It’s true.

Some of us are born healthy.

Still during the course of our lives there are health issues.

This may be with a bout of depression.

An accident may occur when we least expect.

Then there may be struggles with the seasonal flu.


Others may be born with problems.

They may have a handicap from birth.

How can they deal with this?

Often loving parents and friends come to their aid.

It’s all about helping someone born this way.


Life often brings other problems.

There are those elements in society that commit hate crimes.

Innocent people of different races may suffer from such attacks.

The color of a person’s skin may generate such hatred.


Some people suffer from addiction.

It may be from prescribed drugs, alcohol, or sex.

They will try to curb this dependency but to no avail.

But life rolls on with problems of suffering.


“Almighty Essence you have gifted us with life, but with living there’s suffering.  Help us deal with such problems sensibly, so that we aren’t inundated by these perils.”




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