Homeless Shelters


Homeless Shelters

Where does the poor, homeless,

And tired rest their weary heads?

This has to be at homeless shelters.


Many people who come

To these shelters are broken

From the stress and strain of life

They are all seeking relief.


Take a moment and help the homeless.

Provide them with a suitable place to live.

Let them be able to have a roof over their heads.

And serve them meals to relieve their hunger.

Their distraught and pain are intense.


The homeless and tired are really suffering.

Let all good people empathize with their dilemma.

This only calls for a bit of sacrifice on their part

In making this world a better place

So take time and give a little to those in need.


“Loving Provider, help all those who are homeless to have hope.  Let good people give a little to make their lives better by providing shelter and food.”




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