O Glorious Life


O Glorious Life

It’s good to wake up.

Sleeping through life has a price.

All the beautiful things slip away.

It’s like waking when still asleep.


Life offers an abundant reality.

Anyone can be smitten by this gift.

All we have to do is open our eyes.

Witness its bright and shining days.


But how can one do such things?

Are we talking about a dreamlike state?

Can we not see life in all its beauty?

What does having a glorious life mean?


Life vibrates in all living forms.

Undoubtedly, organisms live and die.

Just take note how the forest comes alive.

Dead trunks and leaves are in sync.


Humans are born, grow, and die.

This is a phenomenon some marvel about.

But underlying this reality lies a mystery.

Life’s Oneness becomes its eternity.


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