A Life of Prayer


A Life of Prayer 

A Life of Prayer is empowering.  It fulfills its role with the spirit of love as people walk in God’s creation.  It focuses on the Supreme Light that enlightens their hearts and minds with the depth of the divine truth.  Moreover, prayer motivates believers to have an unconditional love for their neighbors.

Through devotion the earth heals. Disruptions and eruptions from natural phenomena - earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, and wildfires become natural again.  Miracles abound, and there’s hope.  Believers as they do homage to God, Allah, Brahma, and Dao sanctify their environment - homes, communities, and the world.  With these blessings they discover God’s peace that surpasses all understanding.

Prayer ushers in a renewal of life, and seeds of joy blossom throughout the earth.  The sick is healed.  The lame walk and believers help the poor with their unique gifts.  People live in confidence.  They embrace a balanced life with healthy bodies by adhering to a sensible diet, and doing physical exercises.  Their lives are blessed with an eternal abundance in a quest of purity.  Believers develop compassionate hearts that empathize with the down-trodden.  Often these precious ones invoke the sacred, meditate on the scriptures, and perform religious rites.  These individuals embrace the mysteries of God, renew their minds, and live in peace.  Eventually, they become pure souls in their spiritual quest.

A Life of Prayer: Devotions & Pandemic is presented in several parts of this book.

Part – Air People Breathe

Part – Water People Drink

Part – Fire People Light

Part – Love People Share

Part – Life People Experience

Part – Peace People Explore

Part – Hope People Embrace

These devotions cover a wide variety of topics, and conclude with a prayer.


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