Air Pollution


Air Pollution 

Solid particles and gases mix

In the air to form pollution

This mixture of hazardous substances

Includes both human-made sources

And is the result of nature


Our vehicles are culprits that emit fumes

Oils and natural gases play their part

By products of manufacturing generators

Also cause problems in communities

So does coal-fuel power plants

And the fumes from chemical production

These are all human-made pollution


Nature is also to be blamed

When it releases hazardous substances in the air

These come from smoke of wildfires

Ash and gases when volcanoes erupt

Gases like methane 

From decomposing organic matter in the soil


These pollutions affect our health.

Lung development is impaired

That leads to emphysema, asthma,

And other chronic ailments like COPD

Cardiovascular disease becomes a problem

Fine particulate matter can impair blood vessel function

And speeds up calcification in arteries

Breast cancer shows up in women

Often living near major roadways


“Loving God, help us to understand the risks caused by pollutants.  Give us the insight to take the necessary precautions by the way we treat our environment.”



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