Benefits of Cows


Benefits of Cows

The National Milk Producers Federation

Represents 35,000 dairy farmers

These farmers supply Americans with milk

Milk is an essential commodity in our lives


The Hawthorne Valley Farm

Are known for its Jersey cows

These animals are gentle in disposition,

And produce milk with high buttermilk content


But there is some problems present-day farming

The coronavirus has led to a drop of consumption

For the milk and other products by the public

This is especially so the supply to schools stopped


Other issues have arisen with these farms

Some criticized artificial insemination

Others point to the problem of dehorning

That many farmers do with pain-relief medication


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Have raised some other concerns

They even point to the use of mechanical scratching brushes

And are opposed to the castration of young animals,

Isolation of calves in pens, and separation of cows from their young

“Great Provider, you have given people the cow as a source of food.  Help farmers to raise these animals with compassion and treat them well before marketing their products.”




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