Black Cemeteries

Black Cemeteries

Black cemeteries exist nationally

But some are in a state of disarray

Many are located in the South

Names like the Evergreen and the East End Cemetery 

In Richmond, VA, Magnolia in rural eastern Arkansas,

And South-View Cemetery in Atlanta, Ga,

Where Representative John Lewis was buried


These cemeteries were established

During the Civil War

In hazardous, hilly, and wooded terrain

And for decades Black people

Have been migrating from these sites

Moving North and West to escape racial prejudice


But volunteers have manned these burial plots

They did so in segregated times

And expressed pride in these undertakings

South-View Cemetery was chartered in 1886

And have Black businessmen as current board members


Success in endeavoring to maintain these cemeteries

Have a great deal to do with the passion

Such burial plots evoke for the volunteers

Still there are problems with maintenance

Because of lack of funds, enough volunteers,

 And having access to older cemetery records


“Great Emancipator, shine your light on the Black souls that are resting in these cemeteries.  Let not their lives be forgotten, but their gravesites are a memorial for future generations.”





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