Compulsive Hoarding


Compulsive Hoarding

Compulsive hoarding is a serious health problem.

In its worst form it can cause fires,

Rat and cockroach infestations,

And other alarming health and safety hazards


Most hoarders may collect a variety of worthless items –

Old catalogues, magazines, and newspapers,

Materials for making crafts, used clothing,

Tables, chairs, or sofas, pots, pans and silverware

That may be trash, cluttered, and beyond repair


Some hoarders are unable to return borrowed objects

And will argue with family members about their clutter

They may be residents of homes with unsanitary bathrooms

So they keep their household shades drawn

To prevent neighbors from seeing inside of their apartment


Hoarding is considered an obsessive-compulsive disorder

Many of these individuals are depressed and anxious

Because of the clutter there are always risks of falling

Their bathtub and sinks are filled with items

That cannot be useful for washing or bathing

Such habits are the result of compulsive acquisition behavior.


“Almighty Creator, help hoarders so that their distress and impairment don’t become a serious problem that causes an economic burden, and has effects on their family and friends.  Bring healing professionals in the lives of these individuals so their lives could be turned around.”



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