Contaminated Water


Contaminated Water

Contaminated water can kill. 

It’s known to have killed dogs, cattle, and other animals.

Dangerous is cyanobacteria that produce neurotoxins.

Animals are affected when they drink

And swim in this polluted water


In 2020 some 365 elephants were stricken

In Botswana’s Okavango Panhandle

Many of these elephants

In the herd seemed disoriented, and collapsed

Some died suddenly as they walked in circles


But what causes cyanobacteria?

Elevated waste levels

Of phosphate and nitrate are the culprits

They are the reason for this slimy red film

Lack of proper water circulation

And the use of old light bulbs in aquariums


How can a gardener prevent cyanobacteria?

It’s best to use recommended dosage of fertilizers.

Reduce the run off in the environment.

Take care to maintain the household septic tank.

Have a buffer of natural vegetation around ponds

And lakes to filter incoming water


“Eternal Essence, help us in making our environment safe for animals.  Give us the knowledge to be able to counter the threat of cyanobacteria in our streams.”






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