Lives of the Disabled

Lives of the Disabled

Disabilities impact some of our citizens.

They suffer emotionally, physiologically, and psychologically.

But these individuals aren’t spiritually disabled.

Help the disabled concentrate on things

That their disabilities don’t prevent them from doing

They shouldn’t regret the things they can’t do.


In ancient Jewish society lepers were considered unclean

They were forced to live in segregated communities

Many Jewish citizens viewed these disabled persons as unclean

But there were those brave caregivers that socialized with them

And their acts annoyed many in the Jewish communities

Some of the religious leaders were angered.


Christian theologians teach about the redemptive nature of suffering.

Disabled believers should walk in the light and offer up their suffering to God.

Yet in contemporary times persons with disabilities are portrayed negatively.

They are often shown as criminals, sexual abusers, thieves, and portrayed as violent.

On the media viewers have seen such depictions in films and TV.


It’s therefore wise to correct these negative depictions about the disabled.

Instead why don’t media show the work of caregivers, mental health workers?

And drug and alcohol specialists working to help these afflicted individuals

Viewers should stop seeing the disabled as victims

“Omnipotent Caretaker, show us useful ways of dealing with those that are disabled.  Help us in unique ways in treating their problems.  And guide us in promoting their gifts that are beneficial to our nation.”




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