Mexican Migrants

Mexican Migrants

Mexican migrants take the responsibility

Of loved ones back in Mexico seriously

That’s why they send remittances

To keep their families fed,

And help to provide for their medical needs


Billions of dollars are received by the Bank of Mexico

From immigrants working as fruit and vegetable field hands

These migrants earn as much as $80 U.S. dollars per day

It was thought that the pandemic would have eclipsed their efforts

But still these workers have shown resilience to their families.


48 percent of Mexicans aren’t earning enough in their own country

What they are paid isn’t able to buy a basic basket of food

In Mexico there aren’t jobless benefits or Medicare

And workers and businesses have received little relief during the pandemic


But low-income Mexican field workers in the United States

Play a very important role in helping their families in desperate need

Despite the back breaking work in the fields of America

These field hands have stepped up to the plate

By undertaking such altruistic roles in helping those back home


“Loving God, continue to help the Mexican field hands to be good providers for their families in Mexico.  Be with them as they labor and keep them safe from harm.”




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