Outdoor Classrooms


Outdoor Classrooms

The 2020 pandemic has made its mark

Teachers are finding new ways to adjust

How could children learn during these trying times?

One way is to venture outdoors


Outdoor classrooms are springing up

For children on the European continent

Such attempts have come alive in many countries –

Denmark, Norway, Germany, and Slovenia


But what do such classes have in common?

These classes are located in forests

Children walk or cycle to these regions

They sit under trees to be taught

And teachers feel they are making real progress


Outdoor students are more relaxed about learning

They aren’t fidgeting around

Like it’s the case with an indoor classroom

And they are reports that they are learning better


Yet there exists some concerns

These classes are great for biodiversity

Children are able to examine insects in their environment

But the biggest problem has to be changes in weather

And having shelters when the storms of life arise


“Great Spirit, you are showing teachers diverse ways to instruct their students during this pandemic.  Help them as they weigh the benefits and safety of indoor and outdoor instruction.”



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