Pandemic Blues


Pandemic Blues

The coronavirus pandemic

Has struck with some drawbacks

It isn’t always a rosy picture

Like some people working from home find


Working parents are experiencing other trials.

They not only have the responsibility of their jobs

But they are bothered by the additional stress of childcare

Some of these adults are also in a bind of caring for aging parents.

As seniors they are quite vulnerable to Covid-19 infections.


Quarantined parents have to schedule appointments for their loved ones.

It’s stressful thinking about risks, wearing masks, and social distancing

When attempting to shop for the necessities of life, and have doctors’ visits

Its true there has been times when there are online medical visits.

But working parents may have to leave the home to fill prescription medications.


Other problems may arise if some employees are living alone.

Some may feel exhausted by the isolation without communicating with friends.

These individuals have no roommates with whom to share their problems.

So they become distracted and overwhelmed by the demands of the pandemic.


Changes to solo lives caused by the coronavirus add unexpected stress.

Being bombarded by the social unrest on TV might well trigger anxieties.

These swings of emotions could be cause by bad news that floods the airwaves.

There have been natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires in regions of the country.


“Infinite Reality, help us so that we don’t become overwhelmed with the crises in our daily lives.  Guide us to do our best to face all uncertainties wisely that arise when we are quarantined.”



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