Rainwater Harvesting


Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a source

For collecting run-off water

From structures for later use


This process can be simple

Like using a barrel

Or a huge cistern on the landscape

This idea conjures up memories of farms

But such harvesting has become

An alternative of having a water supply


This supply can be for a household or business.

It isn’t only used for farms that depend on water.

In many countries like Germany and Australia

Rain harvesting has become the norm

And it’s growing in the United States


This collection of water is known by many names –

Rainwater harvesting, rainwater collection,

And rainwater catchment

But this water collection is a viable alternative

For usage in an urban environment


All that a user requires is being able

To capture free water falling on their roof

And directing the flow into a storage tank

This collected water supply will replace

A substantial portion of their water needs

It can supply their whole household

And all that’s needed for the landscape


“Merciful Provider, water is essential for living.  Help us so that we are able to use this blessing of harvesting to supply our household and landscape needs.”



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