Smoking Health Risks


Smoking Health Risks

Smoking is bad.

It endangers a person’s health

And causes some known problems


Women who become pregnant

Smoking can have an effect on their baby’s life

They can have a preterm delivery

A baby can be still birth

Or suffer from low birth weight


Smoking can also affect a man’s sperm count.

Women that smoke can have weaker bones.

Smoking affects the health of one’s teeth and gums.

Cataracts can show up

And smoking is known to cause diabetes


But people that quit smoking can reap some benefits.

They are able to cut down on cardiovascular disease.

Their risk of having a stroke will be reduced.

Not smoking prevents cancers of the mouth from developing.

The risk of dying from lung cancer is decreased.


“Great Advocate, help those that smoke deal wisely with this problem.  Let them take the necessary steps to ward off disease caused by this habit.”



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