The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule

Every religion has a golden rule.

Treat others as you wish to be treated.

How marvelous are those words.

They show the depths of love and compassion.


So what should you do if your neighbor offends you?

Some may say like the bible verse “an eye for an eye.”

But this will only make the whole world blind.

Instead it’s best to practice forgiveness.


But suppose the hurt is quite deep.

What should you do to alleviate this pain?

It’s best to pray and be sure you’re in the right frame of mind.

Talk your situation through with a loved one that you trust.

If that doesn’t help, seek the service of a trusted counselor.


Suffering such a painful hurt could be devastating.

So it’s better to realize that two wrongs don’t make things right.

Why rub salt in a wound that’s already open.

Instead, endeavor to ease the pain to find peace.

Always remember looking at a ray of sunshine

Is better than ushering in disastrous consequences

Live according to the golden rule.


“Loving God, let us remember it’s better to forgive than to retaliate in kind.  Guide us to follow the tenets of the golden rule as we deal with our family, friends, and enemies.”



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