Walking is Fun


Walking is Fun

Walking is simple.

It’s fun and good exercise.

The elderly can benefit from walking.

All that’s called for is a pair of good walking shoes.


Walkers can stroll in their neighborhood.

It’s good to walk when the temperature is cool.

Walking in bright sunshine comes with risks.

This is especially so for people with a lighter complexion.


But if you have to walk in the sun be sure to use sun screen.

This way you’ll be protecting yourself against skin cancer.

Other than these concerns you’re all set for your walk.

In colder weather you’ll need to bundle up.

Having a good sweat shirt and thermal underwear are useful.


When it comes to how fast to walk depends on you.

While walking a person should be able to carry on a conversation.

That’s why a walking companion is a good idea for walkers.

Such companionship will help a walker to be committed to walking.

With a good friend one will think twice before giving up walking.

“Great Mediator, help those who venture out on walking trips.  Protect them as they go for jaunts in their neighborhood.  Help keep them safe in oncoming traffic, and protect them when they take such walks.”



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