A Black Portrait


A Black Portrait

Why can’t the races get along?

There has been a long history

That explains this urgent problem

Slavery was rampant in America.

Blacks were abused.

Jim Crow was alive and well.

And for years many Blacks

Lived in fear in America


There was lynching, emancipation,

Followed by the suppression of the vote

There was a lack of educational opportunities.

A lack of jobs that permeated the Black society.

Families were separated and abused.

Many Blacks migrated from the South.

They headed North where the opportunities

Were better for them in finding jobs


For years Blacks lived separated from Whites

Eventually they were integrated in the U.S. Army

Civil Rights fights led to some gains

Still discrimination pervaded the land

As Black voices accentuated their struggles

The NAACP was formed to champion their cause

A lot changed in the 1960s

When there were riots in the land


But change continued to be slow

Blacks began to get better jobs

And there was Black representation

In the House and Senate in America

Barack Obama became president

But still inequities existed

Between Black and Whites

The 2020 saw the rise of Black Lives Matter.

Blacks are still advocating for their rightful place.

They want racial profiling and police brutality to stop.

When will there be equality of opportunities and justice throughout these United States?


“Gracious Law Giver, help the people of the United States confront racial injustice in the land. Let every individual whether Black, White, Brown, Yellow, or Red have equal opportunities while living in this country.”



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