A Joyful Heart


A Joyful Heart

Give thanks to the Almighty

For a joyful heart

A heart that embraces

The good things of our lives


These gifts can’t be seen

But they surround us

Like the air we breathe

And how we feel every passing day


They are goodness, kindness, and truth.

Attributes we feel with our hearts.

So reach out to the splendor that surrounds you

Know that you aren’t alone in this world

But you’re surrounded by the grace of God


Build bridges that enlighten others

Light a lamp that shines in the entire world

And be at peace with everything you do

Put your heart, mind, and soul in the smallest acts

This is the way you’ll find true joy

Small things do matter most in our lives.


“Universal Spirit, guide us in ways to live more fulfilling lives.  Let our hearts be open to those things we don’t see, but know that they will be in our best interest.  Grant us peace, love, and joy.



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