A Simple Life


A Simple Life

People don’t have to be religious to live simple lives.

Simplicity comes with commonsense

And by living according to life’s affirming values

The good life is inspired by love

And it takes knowledge to make our goals realities


Spiritual texts speak about people’s future

So that’s why many of the religious choose this lifestyle

But for ordinary folks living simply calls for wisdom

They view earthly excesses as a burden that damage their welfare

So they pledge to themselves to live within their means


Simple people are enthusiastic about learning from nature

They do what’s right to live in harmony with the natural forces

Some go to bed early in the evening after winding down

Others rise early in the morning when it’s quiet for prayer


The sun, moon, and stars are planets that are celebrated.

The wind, birds, trees, lakes, and mountains teach life’s affirmations

As well as the four seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter

Nature’s beauty grounds them physically, spiritually, and psychologically


Simple folk may strike some as though they are poor.

But by their way of living they are attuned to the rhythms of nature.

They eat the best that nature offers, and live wisely by taking care of themselves.

And many of these folks work tirelessly in the vineyards to bring peace to a broken world.


“Great Emancipator, shine your light on those that live simple lives.  Help them to blossom in their lifestyle so that others will see them as role models.”




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