Elderly at Home


Elderly at Home

The elderly has many challenges.

A lot of tasks that they did

While younger have become difficult

That’s why there’s need for adjustments.


There are risks of tripping or falling.

So seniors have to be careful in their homes.

As their mobility decreases

The elderly have to be aware how they walk

Some rooms in their homes

May well become dangerous places

So they should try to prevent falling


What can the elderly do about aging in place?

They should endeavor to modify their homes.

Looking into senior care options is a good idea.

Seeking out the advice of caregivers make sense.

And depending on family and friends

In helping them elder proof their homes

It’s the only way that they may be safe

As they endeavor living out their life at home

“Loving God, help the elderly as they make adjustments to living in their home.  Give them the wisdom to turn to family, friends, and caregivers for the help that they will need in making good decisions.”





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