Heaven on Earth


Heaven on Earth

It’s a blissful day!

White clouds have graced the earth.

They cover the hills, mountains, and land.

And everything looks so serene with the bright sun.


Nature has poured out its blessings.

Waters race into the sea.

People lie on the beach

Watching the waves flow by


Oh how I wish for more sunny days

When the wind sweeps across the land

Birds are singing in nearby trees

But life goes on gingerly

As some walkers stroll along the boardwalk


Heaven has descended to earth.

Lovers renew their wedding vows.

And musicians are playing happy songs

As hordes of visitors are passing by

It’s all thrilling and exciting

For summertime is here again

Thank heaven for these joys of life


“Great Designer, you have presented this summer like heaven on earth.  Help us to embrace its warmth as the sun kisses the land and depths of the deep blue sea.”



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