LBGTQ Rights


LGBTQ Rights

Equal rights are an imperative.

It’s the bedrock of all classes,

Peoples, creeds, and national origins

So LGBTQ rights are no different


The Equality Act, a bill in the United States

Would prohibit discrimination against LGBTQ,

Women and minorities

It campions sexual orientation and gender identity.


LGBT would have equal rights

In employment, housing, public accommodations,

Public education, federal funding, credit, and the jury system

But in 2020, 29 states haven’t outlawed

Anti-discrimination laws about LGBTQ


It’s time for that to change

The House of Representative in a bi-partisan vote

Has sent this bill to the U.S. Senate

Where it stalled and not acted on

This Equality Act was intended

To prevent discrimination against LGBTQ

Let the provisions of this legislation become law.


“Universal Judge, help the new Biden administration to pass this federal Civil Rights law.  Give the legislators the will to see this bill become the law to end discrimination against LGBTQ.”



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