Life in Transition


Life in Transition

Oh where do we go from here?

What’s life all about?

Do we live and just die?

Is that the end?

These are all questions that boggle the mind.


Every day seems as though there’s a new reality.

People plan, make promises, and hope they pan out.

But as the saying goes, “Nothing is promised.”

Like a switch everything changes in a split second.


With life there’s action.

People work hard for their dreams to come through.

Yet they are often disappointed in their quest.

Is this disappointment a blessing in disguise?


With all the plans do these things just pass away?

What should be our main focus in life?

Do we live then die?

Is this the end of our existence?


No one could say with certainty where life leads.

People may have such beliefs based on their religious faith.

So if that is what gives them comfort just let it be.

But for the seeker this quest is never over.


“Amazing Provider, help us to understand the mysteries of life.  As people come to the end of the road point them to a new direction that provides meaning to their adventurous life.”



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