Rescue of Whales


Rescue of Whales

In 2020 whales were stranded

The largest incident of beaching

On a sandbank in Tasmania

In the rugged Macquarie Harbor

Rescuers were able to save 108

Out of the 470 that were helpless


This task has been difficult

Rescuers had to brave chilly waters

In order to guide the saved ones

Back into the sea

Many of these freed whales

Included adults and calves


The bodies of the less fortunate

Were corralled off and protected

Into enclosed pods with water booms

From being attacked by sharks

These dead ones were later towed

Out to be deposited into the sea


Whales are very friendly creatures

They are highly social

That’s why such a large group

Ended up on this sandy embankment

They must have followed a dying matriarch

“Almighty Creator, give us the wisdom to protect whales.  As part of the dolphin family, help us understand more about their bonding.  Guide us to do all in our power to save them when they are trapped.”




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